Band of Friends (UK)

The former supervisors of Rory Gallagher continue the work of the master. This time with Davy Knowles on guitar. There are many cover bands that replay Gallagher. The Band of Friends celebrates the life of Rory musically like no other. And certainly in 2020, 25 years after the death of Rory Gallagher, this trio will perform memorable shows in a rock-solid line-up!
Celebrating Rorys 25th Anniversary
THE line up:
Gerry McAvoy: Bass guitar & vocals
Brendan ONeill: Drums (Played with Rory 1981 - 1991)
Davy Knowles: Guitar & vocals

"My Favorite modern bluesman" - Joe Satriani
"Davy already has a recognizable style, he's definitely the gunslinger guitarist of the 21st Century" - Peter Frampton
“Davy Knowles has immersed himself in the styles of many great players, emerging with a style of his own, and playing with a smile on his face” - Bernie Marsden
"Davy Knowles plays the blues with the sincerity of someone twice his age" - Daniel Eriksson