The Dutch root pop band Darlyn made its first appearance in 2016 with the song Stepping Stone, which went viral on Spotify and brought Darlyn to a famous Dutch TV show. The six-member formation, however, did not allow themselves to be fooled by this instant success and has since been working at their own pace on the band sound. That has become a little more raw and dynamic than in the early days, with more groove, here and there some electronics and a deep bow to the record cabinets of their parents from the 60s and 70s - the wonderfully clear voice of front woman Diwa Meijman has remained.Expect a lot of new work, because Darlyn's debut album dates from the beginning of 2020. Recently we were able to get acquainted with the first songs from the upcoming Darlyn debut album. With Show You The Right Way and Fuel The Fire, the band was frequently heard on NPO Radio2 and 3FM. In addition, the tape burst from the display tube at .