By being present at our festival site, De Domineeskamp and the immediate surroundings, you automatically agree to our  HOUSE RULES :

Identification is also required on Ribs & Blues, if you cannot or do not want to identify yourself, you may be denied access.

Entering the festival site and attending the performances are entirely at the visitor's own risk. The organization of Ribs & Blues is in no way liable for any damage to visitors and / or property of visitors.

Everyone who enters the event grounds gives permission for video, photo and audio recordings to be made by the organization or media partners designated by the organization, which the visitor may be present in or on. The organization reserves the right to use these recordings without having to pay a fee (in whatever form) to the visitors

Under the age of 18 it is not permitted to obtain and consume alcohol. If you are younger than 25, you can only consume alcohol if you have an 18+ wristband. These are available on site by showing your proof of identity. It is not permitted to leave the premises with alcohol.
It is forbidden to pass on alcoholic drinks to persons under the age of 18, if this is detected you may be denied access to the site.

Smoking is not permitted in the tents. The anchorage of the guy lines marks the border. If you violate the smoking ban in the tents, the security service can remove you from the festival site!

Camera surveillance takes place at the Ribs & Blues festival site.
We use CCTV to guarantee your and our safety. Camera images are stored and can be used for evaluations and / or used as evidence for acts that violate the festival rules or the committing of criminal offenses. No rights can be derived from this

Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds (with the exception of assistance dogs).
Drugs and mind-expanding drugs such as nitrous oxide are not permitted on Ribs & Blues. If prohibited substances are found, you will be transferred to the police.
It is forbidden to climb stages, tents, structures, fences or other objects of the location. It is not allowed to bring objects and / or objects from the event.

Our visitors can be exposed to considerable noise levels at the event site. You are responsible for your ear protection.
Ear protection is available / for sale at the Info & Service desk on site.
Things that are not permitted on the festival site will be confiscated and you will be permanently lost. If necessary, they will be handed over to the police with you.
Children under 12 years old are only allowed in the site under the supervision of an adult. It is not advisable to bring young children to the performances due to, among other things, the noise level and the large number of people.

Unmanned aircraft (e.g. Drones or UAVs) or other flying objects are not permitted on and above the festival site.
Undesirable behavior such as: Crowd surfing, traineeship, assault, theft, peeing, pawing, excessive drinking, incitement, discrimination, abuse and intimidation are not permitted. Visitors are obliged to comply with regulations and / or instructions from the organization and the security staff on duty. In the event of criminal offenses, you will be transferred to the police at all times and a report will be made. You may be denied access to the site in the event of undesirable behavior.
The organization reserves the right not to admit persons in club outfits (for example motorbikes or football) to the event site without giving reasons.
No overnight stays are allowed on the festival grounds.

It is forbidden to distribute posters, flyers or other items on the event site without the permission of the organization.
For the safety of visitors and artists, searches can be carried out at the entrance gates and bags can be checked. If unauthorized objects are found during the entrance check, you are responsible for storing or disposing of these objects outside the festival grounds. There is no space where objects can be stored temporarily.
The following items are not allowed on the festival site:
-drinks and food
-glass, can and (plastic) bottles
-bikes, scooters, chairs, stools, flags, etc.
-(plastic bottles
-sound and / or image recording equipment, with the exception of mobile telephones (the music and performances of the artists are subject to image and sound rights)
-dangerous / sharp objects such as umbrellas and selfie sticks
-toxic, flammable or explosive materials (with the exception of lighters)
perfume, deodorant and other spray cans
- (semi) professional photo cameras, including cameras with interchangeable lenses, action cameras including GoPRos are not allowed.
-Glow sticks, fairy lights, laser pens and other light with a bundled beam
weapons, fireworks, flares and confetti shooters.
drugs and mind-expanding drugs
The judgment of the security staff is binding. If prohibited items are found and you have permanently lost them. If necessary, they will be handed over to the police with you.
Sale and / or promotion of goods and / or services on or around the festival site is not permitted without prior written permission from the organization.
Drinks and food can be paid for with coins. Coins are available at the cash registers, where cash can be paid as well as with a debit card.
Once purchased, coins are usually also valid for the next edition, unless otherwise indicated by the organization of Ribs & Blues!
Have you lost anything? Register with the INFODESK. Did you find something? Then hand it in at this information desk. After the festival, found objects are brought to the municipality of Raalte.
In circumstances where this regulation does not provide a definitive answer, the judgment of the organization is binding.


Ribs & Blues is easily accessible by public transport.
By train, you travel to Raalte station, the festival site is approximately 10 minutes (in walking distance) from here and is clearly indicated. Various buses run from surrounding villages and towns!
plan your trip via

TAXI : 0572-358888

Taxi service is offered by TCR. You can use this reservation telephone number or use one of the 3 taxi stands near the festival site:
- in the Brugstraat near the Chinese restaurant
- in the Deventerstraat t.h.v. Salland Wonen
- in the Verheydenstraat t.h.v. Robby's Snacks
More info? Please check:



Ribs & Blues, a free festival in the center of Raalte, is only achieved with the help of many volunteers and the support from associations, companies and institutions in Salland (and beyond).
We would like to thank :
- All 850 volunteers
- All sponsors
- Neighborhood residents Domineeskamp
- Carnival club Simpel Lemelerveld
- Ralda dance group
- Jan te Wierike
- Carnival club the Stöppelkaters
- St. Caecilia drumfare
- Municipality of Raalte
- Handball club PCA Kwiek
- Mediapartners
- IJsselland police
- The province of Overijssel
- Red Cross Salland Middle
- Salland Marketing
- Scouting Miguel Pro
- Friends of Ribs & Blues
- Luttenberg swimming pool association
And of course, all others who contribute in whatever way!


We like to please all our visitors! Smoking under covered spaces on our festival site is not permitted. Smoking of tobacco or e-cigarettes is only permitted in the open air. Smoking is not allowed in (temporary) buildings, constructions, tents and / or under canopies.


For Ribs & Blues accredited press photographers, with a photo pass provided by us, a few intact rules apply when photographing the artists on the stages:
-The first 3 songs may be photographed by (accredited & press-related) photographers in the "barrier line" only. Stick to this! Always follow the rules of the organization in this.
- Take your photos without flash. In a dark environment you blind the artist and it is also very disturbing for the audience.
- Don't squeeze through the crowd.
   Our audience is king. So, give them the space they need.
- Don't get in the way of fellow photographers.


Location Ribs & Blues: Domineeskamp 1, Raalte
Download the floor plan >>> tba
Car Parking spaces can be found:
1. Herenhof
2. Gemeentehuis (Zwolsestraat)
3. Parkeerdek Dirk (Molenhof)
4. Albert Heijn / Aldi
5. Klompenmakershof
6. Kuiperstraat  
7. Varkensmarkt
8. Onder het Schip 
9. Joetse aan de Marktstraat


26 Years Festival Ribs & Blues 2024

Saturday   18 May: 18.00 tot 01.00
Sunday     19 May:  13.00 tot 01.00
Monday     20 May:  13.00 tot 20.00



THE INFO & SERVICE DESK situated next to the coin sale is available for:
- information, any question? 
- rental lockers
- 18+ straps
- festival timetable and map
- telephone charging points
- earplugs
- Ribs & Blues merchandise
- collection and return of found items
- Ribs & Blues posters
- meeting point parents / 'found' children.
- WIFI hotspot


During Ribs & Blues you can safely store your valuables in a locker: your own storage cabinet for a modest fee.
Choose from 2 sizes: The Medium (M) or the XL locker. For example, a motorcycle helmet fits in the XL version!
Lockers are next to the INFO & SERVICE; go to the service counter to rent one.


This facility offers wheelchair-bound visitors a good spot and a safe haven in the festival crowds.
The wheelchair stage can be found in the Mainstage tent and offers a perfect view on our main stage.
Good to know:
Wheelchair-bound visitors are welcome with a maximum of 1 companion.
The capacity of this stage is limited. We always advise you to be on time.
A wheelchair accessible toilet is available in the immediate vicinity.
This special stage is only accessible for wheelchair users (and their companion). Exceptions may be made in consultation with the Red Cross and subject to conditions. In that case you have to arrange a seat yourself, the organization cannot provide this.
A mobility scooter is not a wheelchair and, due to safety and manageability, cannot be on the wheelchair stage!


Any problems with Tickets:





We get a lot of well-intended tips and sympathetic information from bands that want to perform, but we usually cannot take action on this.
Our bookers have a very extensive network, visit countless events and know very well what we want to program. We like to stay alert ourselves in the search for suitable acts and that works to our satisfaction to date. No hard feelings!


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