Drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) and colleague Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) have long been impressed by each other and recruited the British guitarist with his golden voice Peter Shoulder (Winterville, The Union and Silverthorne) and session guitarist Fabio Canini Belgian Limburg to set up this musical deconstruction company together.
The foursome immediately went to work with a heavy classic rock sound, which is very striking thanks to the unique sound of two drums and the voice of Shoulder. Classic stuff with a modern, irresistible sound. Expect solid riffs, cool drums (duh) and perhaps the most important thing: decibels. Because sometimes it's simple: Rock’n'Roll is there to have fun, go loosely and enjoy riffs and rolls.
It is written in the stars: 2020 will be the year of SLOPER!

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