Sass Jordan has always been a blues singer. It just took her 40 years to realize it. 
Of course, smashing barriers is nothing new for Jordan. Born in Birmingham, U.K and raised in Montreal, she's been making her own rules since she picked up a bass at 17. Ten years later, she launched her solo career with the single “Tell Somebody” from her 1988 debut of the same name, which garnered national acclaim and helped earn her a JUNO for Most Promising Female Vocalist in 1989. She's earned three more nominations for Best Female Vocalist thanks to albums like Racine (1992), Rats (1994), Present (1997), Hot Gossip (2000). Get What You Give (2006), From Dusk Til Dawn (2009) and her side project S.U.N.'s album, Something Unto Nothing (2011) — along with singles like Make You A Believer, You Don't Have to Remind Me, Sun's Gonna Rise and 1992's Trust in Me, a duet with Joe Cocker from the record-selling Bodyguard soundtrack. Jordan also starred in the off-Broadway Janis Joplin show, Love Janis, performed The Vagina Monologues in Winnipeg and Toronto, guest starred on NBC's Sisters, and of course, weighed in as the only female judge on Canadian Idol for all six seasons beginning in 2003. 
Bottom line: She's been there, done that, and seen it come full circle. In 2017, she released Racine Revisited, recreating her sophomore album with an all-star cast for its 25th anniversary. This year, Rats celebrated the same milestone with a coloured-vinyl reissue. "It's surreal," she acknowledges. "When you hear 25th anniversary, you're like, 'WTF?' I don't really remember the person that wrote them. I'm not that person now. But then it passes. Because it's another day! It's now! And I have more fun now than I’ve ever had. My voice is better now than it's ever been. I can hit notes that I never could before. I feel the exact opposite of a lot of people. I feel the voice gets better with age. Hell, everything gets better with age!"